Serving to Ireland’s art community since 2012!

KPP is Ireland’s only inter-organisational tourney for the visual arts, where we cheers and cheer, clinking a beverage with one hand while swatting a small white ball away with the other.

King Ping Pong started in Monster Truck in 2012 as one in a series of events in the Minimum/Maximum after-hours programme.  It was such a success, that myself and Monster Truck director Pater Prendergast decided to run it yearly.  All are welcome, but participation in the tournament is only open to visual arts workers of any kind.  Over the years, pretty much every organisation in Dublin and beyond have fielded players.  Since 2021, Paul McGrane has been co-organiser.

The 2022, 10th annual tourney in The Complex was preceded by the two day exhibition Wiff Waff is Playing at My Gaff, featuring all 7 of the the artist-created Krazy Tables which have amused (and frustrated ; ) participants and spectators since we began commissioning them in 2016!  This included all-new tables from Liliane Puthod and Ella Bertilsson.

Stephen Moynes (2023)
Ella Bertilsson (2022) / Liliane Puthod (2022) / Conor O’Sullivan (2021)
Daire McEvoy (2019) / Tanad Aaron (2018) / David Lunney (2017)
Prendergast & Moor (2016/22)


Winners Roll
2022 – Declan Power for Fingal Arts
2021 – Liam O’Callaghan for Abbey Studios
2020 – Covid 😔
2019 – Barry Lynch for DCC Arts
2018 – Paraic Leahy for RHA (Tony O’Malley Residency)
2017 – Jerome O Drisceoil for Green on Red
2016 – Will Curtis for Project
2015 – Peter Prendergast for Monster Truck
2014 – Nick Miller for Rubicon
2013 – Mark Durkan for Solstice
2012 – Peter Prendergast for Monster Truck


Check out King Ping Pong’s 10th anniversary extravaganza last year!
Video by Barry Lynch / Infocus Media


Images below by Davey Moor unless indicated otherwise

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With continued thanks to OPW