An exhibition of krazy ping pong tables
The Depot @ The Complex, Dublin, Nov 2022

Ella Bertilsson (2022) =OO= Liliane Puthod (2022) =OO= Conor O’Sullivan (2021) =OO= Daire McEvoy (2019) =OO= Tanad Aaron (2018) =OO= David Lunney (2017) =OO= Prendergast & Moor (2016/22)

The King Ping Pong Tournament started in 2012.  In 2016, Prendergast & Moor, the curatorial duo that began the annual event kobbled together a krazy trick table—with krap lying around Pete Prendergast’s studio—for that year’s meet to visually augment the experience.  It was a hit, so every year since we have been commissioning artists to design and build an entertaining (but playable) trick/krazy table tennis tables which have never failed to delight the visiting public.  Each new table is presented annually at the King Ping Pong tournament, which takes place at a different gallery every two years.
For 2022, in the huge ‘Depot’ space at the Complex art centre in Dublin city, we held the interactive exhibition Wiff Waff* is Playing at My Gaff, of all 7 krazy tables to date, which have amused (and frustrated ; ) participants and spectators since we began commissioning them.  A smörgås of bords if you will.
We have a massive debt of gratitude to all the amazing artists who are working way below their commission rates to produce tables for an event they dig.  We love you.


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With continued thanks to OPW